This is a website that is designed to provide information for Howard County citizens that the traditional press appears to want to ignore. Flooding in historic Ellicott City has led to the country looking at us, and our newly-elected County Executive Calvin Ball said that he intends to have his actions be a model for the country to use. Therefore, Ellicott City WILL be a model… ALL OF IT.

The hashtag #ECStrong is being used on social media and in signage, and without a doubt, it’s a powerful phrase that is effective at rallying people around the rebuilding message of not letting the flood get the best of homeowners and businesses impacted in Ellicott City.

But something more is needed. Hence, the birth of #ECSmart.

The information we plan on providing, though it will be surprising to some, is being provided in order educate the citizens of Howard County (and particularly those impacted by the flood[s]) with information that they should know while they are making decisions about what has happened and what they may do next.

This information involves Howard County, MD government officials, money/budget considerations, the County Council and County Executive, and others.

The legislature is always free to email a comment, response or message to the following email address: comments@www.ecsmart.org