A Naughty Judge

Howard County Circuit Court Administrative Judge Lenore Gelfman.


She’s the driving force behind the push to move the Howard County Circuit Court and most if not all of it’s personnel out of historic Ellicott City. County Executive Kittleman has made it clear that it is his personal mission to relocate the courthouse, and he had the help of the Spending Affordability Commission and the County Council who voted unanimously that they would support all efforts to make the move a reality.


It all started with Lenore Gelfman, and what she told the Spending Affordability Commission, what she said in testimony to the County Council, and whatever she’s been saying to Kittleman (that I’m sure we’ll never know).


Here’s the story that citizens need to know about Lenore and Richard Gelfman’s quest for the new courthouse at Bendix Road. “P3”. It sounds so quaint and cute. The story is anything but.


Greed wins here in Howard County, until the people stop it and say “enough”. More will be uploaded to the site soon. What you will find here is a copy of the complaint and supporting documents that got sent to a Special Prosecutor and the FBI. YOU be the judge.


Does this look right TO YOU?


First part of exhibits:


Second part of exhibits:

Third part of exhibits:


Don’t go feeling sad for the companies who spent their time to bid on this project as if this will cause trouble for them. Three bidders. One got the contract. The other two are getting $500,000 EACH just for bidding and losing. Howard County’s got money like that to burn through, evidently.



her testimony: