Looking back through floods

May 27, 2018: a flood hit historic Ellicott City with a force not seen in the area since..

Oh right, we have seen it before just 2 years ago!

You’ve heard or read the story that is a response by Howard County Councilman Jon Weinstein to the 2018 flood, haven’t you?

A bill to put a moratorium on permits for development will be introduced, because “Rebuilding Ellicott City stronger, smarter, and safer requires more than just construction materials,” Weinstein said. (From Baltimore Sun June 15 article by Kevin Rector)

It SOUNDS good, doesn’t it?

On the eve of the Maryland primary election, there are a lot of things being said by candidates that sound good. There are an increasing number of Howard Countians who are looking beyond what people are saying and placing on campaign literature in order to cut through the rhetoric and (sometimes) meaningless campaign slogans. They want to know what’s really going on, and the 2018 flood in historic Ellicott City provides the perfect backdrop to do just that. The only people saying that it isn’t a campaign issue are those who likely don’t want it to be one.

But it is a campaign issue, or SHOULD be.

And, Howard Countians should be evaluating their candidates for County Council (and others) based on what they are or have been doing. This website will help tell a story from a viewpoint you won’t find printed at the Baltimore Sun, framed around the recent flood that has everyone’s attention. Everyone has likely heard of #ECStrong, but there’s going to be a concerted effort to help make all Howard Countians


To look at today, we need to first look at yesterday.

July 30, 2016: a “100 year flood” hits E.C., and the response was rapid. County and State officials swooped in, as well as people using the opportunity to (once-again) express their thoughts and concerns about development “uphill” (since the historic area affected was “downhill”). The Baltimore Sun reported, and you can find that story on the “flood docs” tab above. (An interesting note from “Judge Dudley” who worked uphill at the circuit courthouse who said that “runoff from development.. was causing shallow streams to rage during storms”. He probably saw them from his window uphill.

And as the one year mark approached, all eyes were on Ellicott City as people reported on how things were going. One such story has also been placed on the “flood docs” page. But you most likely know those stories. Studies were done, task forces were created, and money was spent to address problems. Let’s get back to the one that isn’t being told. To make it super easy, it’s been made graphically and pasted below in sequence:

Looks and sounds really good, right?! There’s a public hearing, work sessions, and then a VOTE:

Hang tight! These numbers will be explained!!! (Are they surprising you??)

Wait, there’s more!!

And then:

You can see all of the testimony for yourself concerning that killed-off Council Bill. It’s placed on the “flood docs” page. Compelling stories from citizens and groups who fought the good fight to get it passed.

Are you ready to see?

Jon Weinstein, District 1 (flood area):

Mary Kay Sigaty (moved to table to vote 1st):

Looks like loyalties can best be viewed in year 2013 for her: (and note how much Courtney Watson is getting from these folks too. Can’t forget about her!!)

Greg Fox, the one who seconded the table motion:

His contributors consist of:

Just a few points short of the % for Sigaty!!

Who’s left? Jen Terrasa with an interesting reaction during the flood year:

Probably a really good look to NOT take any contributions after that flood!

There’s just NO WAY anyone can leave off the last Councilman. Calvin Ball, the Chair during the year of the 2016 flood. Let’s see what HIS numbers look like:

And who are some of his contributors?:




Looking at this another way for those council members who DID take in $$$ during 2016:

It’s not going to be written here that this is “pay-to-play”, because voters will and should make conclusions for themselves. Incidentally, before ANYONE thinks that Alan Kittleman is being left off of here, THINK AGAIN!!

This isn’t finished. Not nearly!! But Kittleman doesn’t have a primary race to worry about, and there are Council candidates (and incumbents) who do!! Hopefully, this has shown you the value of asking questions and getting information and answers to help you determine what (and who) you should and shouldn’t blindly have faith in (if you have it in ANYONE). The forums in Howard County, very cliquish, just WERE NOT allowing the opportunity to get beyond the surface of candidates.

*Documents referenced above were moved to below*

Baltimore Sun story about 2016 flood:

Baltimore Sun story at the 1 year mark from the 2016 flood:

2016 legislation, complete with amendments and written testimony, tanked by County Council:

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  • Ellicott City Supporter

    Great post!!! Tells quite a story…..campaign contributions, not the public good, govern in Howard County.

    Buy the vote–hells bells on the public.

    Bet this info contributed to Weinstein’s political demise as it should have. Keep researching and publishing!!!!!

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