P3 Howard docs

*half a billion dollar fiscal impact investment by Howard County. It’s a done-deal. Evidently we have the $$, despite the “need” being manufactured*

A collection of relevant documents:

First, the Spending Affordability document referenced:

Second, the video referenced where the Spending Affordability folks got the presentation about the courthouse need. It has disappeared from the county’s P3 website, where it used to be:

The County’s website on the P3 project, which I find to be sparse in terms of the info for the public though I see that likely due to the questions being asked..they added a FAQ section this past week. No bidder info, no info on the folks who wanted in on the action:


Documents regarding consultants we are paying:

Exhibits A and B

Money we’ve been paying since end of 2016 ONLY (my request for info on monies spent BEFORE that is still not fulfilled by the Council since we have been fighting about whether I should have to PAY FOR IT):

By the way, did you know that P3s can be used for stormwater projects and various infrastructure projects? Just an FYI…